Children’s Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition Choices for Kids

Children’s nutritional choices are essential to good health. Healthy eating helps to stabilize children’s energy, sharpen their minds, and even out their moods. We understand that peer pressure and TV commercials can make the chore of getting kids to eat well even more difficult. That’s why our child nutrition experts are here to give parents the tools they need to take to instill healthy eating habits – without turning mealtimes into a tug of war.

By encouraging healthy eating habits now, children can grow into healthy, confident adults with a positive lifelong relationship with food and healthy nutritional choices. The challenge is to make healthy choices appealing while still allowing for their favorite treats. The following tips can help support your children’s nutrition:

  • Regular family meals
  • More meals cooked at home
  • Getting kids involved
  • Providing a variety of healthy snacks
  • Limiting portion sizes
  • Never using food as a reward or bribe

Click here for dietary guidelines for specific age groups


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