Child Immunizations

Vaccinations Give Kids a Head Start on a Healthy Life

Immunization shots for children are the best way to prevent the spread of many infectious diseases - and protect lives. Vaccinating young children is especially important. Children who are not immunized are more susceptible to dangerous and oftentimes deadly diseases than children who do not receive vaccinations.

Diphtheria and polio, for example, have been all but obliterated by vaccinations for children. Other diseases, such as the seasonal flu, have been slowed down or stopped altogether before immunization shots for babies.

While the antibodies that pass to babies from their mothers protect them naturally against certain diseases, some babies can also continue to receive the benefits of antibodies in breast milk. However, these protections are temporary.

Vaccination shots help create immunity to certain diseases by using small amounts of a killed or weakened microorganism that causes the particular disease. The vaccines allow the immune system to fend off the simulated infection, then fight the “real” infection at a later time should it enter the body. Because microorganisms in vaccines are weakened or killed — or in some cases, only parts of the microorganism are used — they're unlikely to cause any serious illness.

Your Kona Family Health Center physician will help determined the best vaccination schedule for your infant.


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